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Cheshunt Football Club, Theobalds Lane

Why Music?




At DJ Sound of Soccer we provide a striking combination of Music + Football. From those who have attended our sessions before will know how well the music works. It provides both players and coaches with the motivation to move, try new skills and fully engage at a high intensity throughout the session. 

Vitally the music means the children can get on with enjoying their Football without adult interference. We believe adult interface effects a child's long term development. At DJ Sos we aim to develop players who can make their own decisions and the music helps to do this. 

The high tempo dance music also creates an atmosphere similar to that of street Football and is used effectively to punctuate teaching times. When the music is stopped, there is a sudden silence which captures the attention of the players. In this silence, the coach can work effectively - demonstrating, asking questions and suggesting alternatives. Once the coach is finished, the music is back on, and the players know it is their time to play and experiment again.